F  O  L  D  L  I  F  E


D E S I G N       &       M A N U F A C T U R I N G
______________________________________________________ is a specialized brand for cardboard eco-designs. We work with our clients directly or via media/design agencies to solve big medium or small questions worldwide.
Standard products and separately demanded original cardboard goods are made for your home, office, retail, promotions, festivals & expositions.

Our corrugated cardboard standard products are:
  • pop-up chairs
  • pop-up stools
  • pop-up desks
  • flat-pack shelves
  • flat-pack leaflet holders
  • flat-pack lampshade cardboard parts.
Custom-made objects goes to various fields and addresses. Foldlife is delivering whole package for:
  • exhibitions
  • retail window decorations
  • corporate events
  • TV studious
  • art happenings
  • display stands
  • trade fair expositions.
We are offering original concepts, design projects, our own manufacturing service, direct delivery and participation in stand construction site if necessary.

We would recommend our standard cardboard folding flat-pack stools and desks for your festivals and promotional events. If you looking for as minimum 640 seats with your custom–print logo layout brand design, please ask us and we will send you details with cardboard stool measurements. If you would wonder, than yes, seats keep 200kg weight!

Please excuse us about some empty articles. It's because our home page 2016 is in progress, now we will be more focused on service development in all detailed aspects as much as possible. If you need a simple Invoice like before, please ask.

Our standard items or ideas regarding individual custom-made objects are captured in actual web page pictures. Natural brown/white cardboard or with custom-print #ads.

All become real in our beautiful country side village Ķāķišķe. We are located near picturesque Baltic sea coast line where amber shines after storms. Closest towns with international airports are Liepāja and Palanga.
If you have a letter for Foldlife, please write address:
Skaistkalni, Ķāķišķe
Rucavas pagasts, Rucavas novads

Please call and ask for more information (answers in English and Latvian) phone :  00 371  22568885

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